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For Some, This is a Busy Week

The coming week is going to be an incredibly busy, but exciting, one for me. Besides having updated my blog so that I am now one of the cool kids with a Pelican-generated blog hosted at GitHub,1 the following things are also taking place:

  • I will become a parent to an adopted kitty
  • I will become an aunt to a new human
  • I will be hosting my darling sister-in-law who will be visiting me for the first time since I’ve lived in NYC
  • I will be away most of the week for some academic job interview thing :)

Needless to say, my presence online will be scarce. And the list of future blog posts continues to build.2

  1. For the three or so of you who subscribe via RSS or email (hi, mom!), old posts are likely to show up in your inbox again since the setup of the feed has changed. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

  2. Some of these posts will include pictures of the adorable new creatures in my life. 

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