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git commit -m 'Update life'

You may have noticed some changes around here and on my Twitter account. I've relocated to my beloved New York City and am currently attending an immersive data science bootcamp at Metis. Through mid-September, I'll be honing my existing skills in Python, statistics, and analysis and developing an entirely new set in topics like machine learning, Javascript, SQL, and Hadoop.

An integral part of Metis's bootcamp is the completion of five self-designed data science projects that both emphasize and develop data science and machine learning skills. These projects use real world1 data, tight deadlines, and simulate many of the challenges encountered by data scientists. I started my third project last Monday and look forward to sharing a few of them here and on GitHub in the coming weeks.

For Some, This is a Busy Week

The coming week is going to be an incredibly busy, but exciting, one for me. Besides having updated my blog so that I am now one of the cool kids with a Pelican-generated blog hosted at GitHub,1 the following things are also taking place:

To My Friend

This is, in so many ways, not the topic I envisioned for my second post. Sometimes life has other plans.